Chocolate Milk Futsal Cup

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2019 Men’s Cup - December 7th & 8th

Congratulations to BARI 91 on winning the inaugural Men’s Chocolate Milk Futsal Cup!

Congratulations to BARI 91 on winning the inaugural Men’s Chocolate Milk Futsal Cup!

Final: Bari 91 (7) - Ann Arbor mudpuppiues (5)

semifinal 1: FC Tryzub (1) - bari 91 (7)

Semifinal 2: Mudpuppies (8) - tri city futsal (3)

2615 Baker Rd, Dexter, MI 48130

2615 Baker Rd, Dexter, MI 48130


Group B

Ann Arbor Mudpuppies

Bari 91

Futsal Indy Stars

Boo Ya Mafia Tribe

Group A

FC Tryzub

Christos FC “Tri City Futsal”

Great Lakes Wanderers

MWFC (Mit West Futsal Club)

Roster Upload and Player Waivers

All teams must have rosters uploaded and all player waivers signed on Team Snap no later than 10pm Nov 30 to be eligible to play. Players that are not on the roster by this time will not be allowed to play.

Check in Policy before first game: Each team must check in with the on site Director 30 minutes before their first

game. The Director will have the roster printed out. All players must show an ID at check in. Each player will receive a wristband. All players MUST have wristbands on in order to play. Refs will check players before each game.

Game Rules

FIFA rules with the exceptions below:

  • Game time will be two 24 min halves. Clock will only stop for the last 5 min of the second half (In round robin games and semi finals)

  • Game time for the FINALS will be one 24 min half, running clock, and one 20 min half, stopped clock

  • In the event of a tie, two 5 min, stopped clock periods will be played.

  • No golden goal

  • In the event of a tie after two OT periods, there will be 3 PK’s each team

Round Robin Play

3 points for a win - 1 point for a tie - 0 points for a loss

There is no max number of goals a team can score during a single game


  • Head to head

  • Goal Differential

  • Goals For

  • Goals Against

  • PK’s (3)

Red Card and Fighting Policy

  • In the event of a red game, the minimum suspension is one game. The tournament Director can review the red card to decide if more than one game should be given

  • We have a zero tolerance fighting policy (Any player red carded for fighting will not be eligible for the remainder of the tournament)

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