Chocolate Milk Futsal Cup

Rec, Elite and Adult Tournaments

2019 marks the third annual Chocolate Milk Rec Futsal Tournament.

  • The goal with this tournament is to start to chance the culture in the Soccer and Futsal community and use Soccer/Futsal as a community event. We want to see the game grow at all levels and this tournament/event is the beginning of that change. 

  • As Futsal and Soccer continue to grow in the US, we would to continue to provide the younger beginners an opportunity to not only develop as a player but also experience a fun Futsal/Soccer event. Whether the player is a beginner or advanced, we want to provide opportunities and experiences for all players. 

  • The Rec/Rec travel player does not have the abundant of opportunities that full time travel players have so we are offering a weekend experience for players to continue to develop a passion for the game, regardless if they play every day or once a year. 

This is a great opportunity for us to not only bring the Futsal culture to Soccer, but also begin to change the mindset and culture of soccer in the US. We want to make this tournament an event for players and families so they continue to develop a passion for the game. We are looking forward in making this a community event for the great Ann Arbor area.
— Drew Ducker, Tournament Director

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