Chocolate Milk Futsal Cup

Rec, Elite and Adult Tournaments

December 7th-8th

Registration Opens September 1st

Our goal is to continue to promote the game of Futsal at the amateur and semi pro level, bringing together teams from the Midwest and beyond to host a high level men’s event to that gain attention from other top level amateur and semi pro teams around the nation. 

2018 Winner: FC Tryzub

There are so many great Amateur/Semi Pro Futsal players in our nation. I’d like to see this tournament grow into the highest level tournament for Futsal in the nation, and hope that players can continue to develop and possibly get a chance at the next level, whether that’s Futsal or indoor. When the tournament gets to that level, I’d like to see if become a scouting tournament for the MASL and Semi-Pro Futsal leagues here in the US.
— Drew Ducker, Tournament Director

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